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Whether you’re looking to decrease HACs or standardize wound measurement and assessment, we have a solution for you.

From hospitals to wound clinics to home health and everything in between, WoundVision has you covered.

HAC Reduction

Decrease the clinical and financial liability of HACs and pay-for-performance programs

Easy and Accurate Measurement

Eliminate paper rulers and their inaccuracies - 96% Accurate vs. Paper Ruler

Cost Savings

Preserve revenue from lost reimbursement, penalties, and lawsuits

Scalable Standardization

Standardize photography, measurement, and assessment across a single facility or across the continuum of care

EMR Integration

Reduce documentation errors and fulfill minimum requirements with seamless integration into existing EMR workflows

Patient Satisfaction

Engage patients in the care plan with actionable and insightful data to increase compliance and overall satisfaction

Scout, Multi-Modal Imaging Technology


  1. The industry's only solution for documenting pre-visual signs/symptoms of Deep Tissue Pressure Injury POA
  2. Precise and accurate wound size measurements combined with a physiological view of the skin or wound
  3. Identify changes in blood flow, perfusion, and metabolic activity that would go unseen to the naked eye

Scout Mobile,
Enterprise Wound Management

Built to help streamline the wound documentation process, Scout Mobile standardizes wound photography, measurement, and assessment.

Wound Measurement
Eliminate paper rulers and their inaccuracies with precise and accurate measurements
Multi-Platform Support
Your team can use Scout Mobile on any iOS or Android smart phone/tablet
HIPAA Compliant
Meets the end-to-end requirements of HIPAA/HITECH with no PHI stored locally
EMR Integration
Easily integrate wound photos, measurements, & assessments into the EMR
Seamlessly roll out across multiple care settings and specialties
Assessment Engine
Customized assessment allows for standardization across the continuum

Interoperability Across the Continuum

Scout Software,
Interoperability Across the Continuum

Scout Software,
Interoperability Across the Continuum

Interface with all major EMRs and integrate directly into existing workflows

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Clinical Evidence

Ready to learn more and see how the WoundVision can help you? Click the link below to request access to our complete clinical library which includes peer-reviewed studies, poster presentations, case studies, white papers and more.