Visual Imaging Technology

Wound Size Measurement

-Fulfill regulatory requirements with proper documentation

-Accurate and repeatable measurements of LxW, surface area, & perimeter

-Quantitative wound size change as a comparative function overtime

Infrared Imaging Technology

Visualize & Quantify the Unseen

-Visualization of perfusion, blood flow & metabolic activity

-Identifies parities & disparities between affected & unaffected tissues

-Quantitative tissue temperature change as a comparative function overtime

Ease of Use

-Handheld, lightweight and ergonomic design

-Eliminates duplication of documentation

-Intuitive and simple software program

Data Made Simple

-A web-based, HIPAA compliant database

-Hosted in a private SAS 70 certified environment

-Scalable, enterprise-wide application architecture

Flexible Pricing

-Preserve revenue with no capital expenditures

-No cost, continual upgrades

-Flexibility for facilities of different sizes and needs